My story

My name is Ronald Kranenbarg and meat has been the leading tread in my life, since the day I was born. Biggest influence was the butcher shop that my parents owned. They took it over from my grand father in 1972. It could have been a nice traditional family company, but in March 2008 it stopped……, at least the butcher shop.
The butcher shop closed, but more important, my passion for meat will never fade out.

Three generations of butchers; From left to right: Ronald Kranenbarg (1980), Huib Kranenbarg (1947) and Hendrik Jan Kranenbarg (1912 - 1997)

From butcher to
I started this site in May 2010, because I think about meat 24/7. I have been collecting funny and original initiatives (ideas, products, companies, restaurants, butchers, communities etc) regarding to meat for years. Therefore I build up already a huge collection of sources before I created the website in May 2010. With I would like to share all this information and make it accessible for a larger crowd, because the jungle of meat related websites and other sources is increasing day by day, but a global map for connecting it is missing. I hope people will discover and use it as a tool for innovation in meat in the broadest sense of the word.

Mission is a dynamic on-line meat mood board on wich a collection of global meat inspiration can be found and shared. This will promote the innovation of better, more valuable, sustainable, local and user driven meat solutions.

The aim of is to be the leading platform of ideas, impressions, developments and trends regarding meat.

Target audience
The target audience of could be categorized best by their common interest in helping to develop new meat concepts as a solution and not as a product only.
Our visitors are from all over the world, but most visitors are from the Netherlands, USA, Germany and Belgium.

Some example of our visitors are mentioned below:

  • Curious consumers
  • Butchers
  • Food and trendmagazines
  • Farmers
  • Product managers
  • BBQ fans
  • Product developers
  • “Connaisseurs”
  • Food designers
  • People working in the foodservice
  • Packaging and brandcreation companies

If you are somebody else please contact us!