Cold cuts smart packs (via @dgskim)

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Combi pack; colt cuts & sauce


Steinhaus presents -  The new Steinhaus 1841 Smart-Packs

Smart stands for the 3 new possibilities behind a new way of packaging, namely fresh, multi and combi packs.

Fresh pack
This is a variant with one product type in two divided foil packages. This prevents dry up of cold cuts from opened packages in the refrigerator and guarantees therefore freshness and quality from the first to the last slice.

Multi pack
This variant offers 2 to 3 product specialties under 1 packaging as a new mix idea. For the consumer this means an attractive selection of cold cuts in 1 packaging.

Combi pack
This variant combines products that match together very well. In the asparagus season hams and cold cuts could for example be combined with a fresh sauce that serves as a great recipe idea for the consumers.


With this variants Steinhaus created the right packaging for all purposes. To make it easier for the consumer to pick the right variant, Steinhaus marked each variant with an unique color.

All individual portions are packed in a transparent, thin and easy to open packaging and hold together with a cardboard. Through a practical perforation, the individual packs could be separated easily.
With this packaging concept, Steinhaus combines for the first time two marketing concepts "prepack" and classic brand equipment for the self-service shelves.

Multi pack

Fresh pack