The butcher, burger bar

Posted in Meat presentation.

The Butcher’, the name says it all. The chefs choose to work only with the best quality meat: Aberdeen Angus beef thus committing to creating the ultimate burger. From the choice of meat, to the selection of herbs, the freshest vegetables, the magic signature sauces, right down to the homemade bun, The Butcher stands for quality, quality and more quality.

The striking facade of The Butcher matches its surroundings perfectly. As if it were a traditional butcher, the selection of meat is displayed in the window. What you see, is what you get: top quality burgers, prepared on-the-spot with a wide variety of choices. Whether you prefer a traditional burger or something more contemporary and adventurous, The Butcher is the place to go.

The International award-winning “BK Architects’ ( are responsible for the traditional yet raw look and feel of The Butcher. The open kitchen allows for guests to follow and appreciate each step in the preparation process of their meal. Honest and real cooking.

Attention to detail at all levels, from presentation of menus to food wrappings, napkins and more gives The Butcher a distinctive tone of voice and standout appearance in Amsterdam.