The butcher shop offers old-fashioned service

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A tribute to the old world European boucheries, The Butcher Shop is both a neighborhood wine bar and a full service butcher shop. Inspired by Chef Barbara Lynch's travels throughout France and Italy, The Butcher Shop is the perfect place to have a glass of wine along with a small bite or liner over a meal. In the back, glass-front refrigerated cases are stocked with links of home made sausages and hot dogs, jars of rich demi-glace, slabs of foie gras, and exquisitely marbled cuts of local beef, along with freshly prepared dishes from their own kitchen. On the butcher block is a selection of ever-changing accoutrements that might include bottles of a favorite olive oil and freshly baked loaves of bread. A butcher is on hand daily to help you select the perfect cut of meat, game, or poultry as well as offer information on the supplying farms and cooking tips on how to best prepare your purchases at home.

Courtesy of The Butcher Shop