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Barbecoa was created to be a home to cooking with wood and coal in a variety of ways, inspired by traditional cooking methods

The restaurant kitchen has as its core wood fired grills, cauldrons, pits and smokers and the dining environment enhances and reflects these cooking methods by using associated materials: cast iron, blackened timber, charcoal, leather and brass. The colour scheme is inspired by the cooking – pinks and reds of the meat, blues and greens from smoke and herbs.

A deep red sofa winds its way from the entrance towards the view of St Paul’s, wrapping around bespoke concrete tables. Oversized cage banquettes reminiscent of eating around a camp-fire bridge the space between the two main dining spaces. Walls of cracked plaster evoke an adobe environment associated with primitive cooking.

An integral part of the restaurant is the preparation of the meat. The Butchery area is dominated by 4m tall glass fridges in which carcasses hang in full public view.

Courtesy of Tom Dixon

The butcher's shop underneath Barbecoa offers the best of traditional butchery in the city of London. It is staffed by highly trained, knowledgeable butchers with years of experience. Animals from carefully selected farms and co-operatives are typically delivered whole, then butchered on-site. The shop has been specifically designed to supply the restaurant, and the public, with high-quality meat, game and poultry from around Great Britain.

Courtesy of Tom eats Jen cooks