Customized order with cyber butcher @35degreessteaks

Posted in Meat presentation.

35° presents extraordinary gifts with USDA Prime flavor! An extension of your good taste, a unique steak gift brings friends and family together. When the occasion calls for impressive, 35° delivers America’s best tasting steaks and chops! You order a single cut box , pre-selected gift assortment or customize a box.

With the customized box you begin with an empty box and select a minimum of 8 lbs (128oz), or a maximum of 11 lbs (176oz). Items are added to your box, when you click on a photo, specify a quantity, and select the beef quality grade (USDA Prime or CAB®). As you fill your box, items begin to disappear as their weight exceeds the space available. Plan accordingly and choose heavier cuts first!

The Cyber Butcher tells you the contents of your box, price, and if there is room for more. When your box is full, you can build another box or checkout. Remember, bone in cuts stay fresh for 10 days, and boneless cuts 14. All meat may be frozen. If you prefer a smaller box, shop our half pack assortments.