Smart butcher (via @eten_is_weten)

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Picture this, you’re busy at work pulling an all-nighter and you’re starving. The only thing in the office to each is a snack from the vending machine. Maybe you can a bag of chips or some cookies. But what if said vending machine served you a pork chop? You could say that’s a pretty sweet deal.

This, “Smart Butcher”, delivers delicious deli meats from the machine straight to your mouth. The refrigerated vending unit, sells a variety of different meats from steaks to pork chops at only up to $6 each.

Though there’s only one of these beauties in the market as of now, owners Chase Evans and Rob Harrison has told the Birmingham News that they will plan to expand if the concept succeeds.

As of now, the ‘Smart Butcher’ sells: New York strip, ribeye, pork chop, sirloin, pork tenderloin, and sausages.

Courtesy of foodbeast and CBS news